Explore beautiful green spaces, trails, towns and cities near you with Sporteering –  the latest active navigation app that sets you challenges.

A fantastically easy and accessible way to get active with friends and family, simply find and capture as many points marked on the map as you can in the time limit.

With free courses and events set up by a wide variety of community partners – events can be over an hour or a month.  There’s no set route to follow, so you can choose where to explore and reach the points in any order you like.  Each point can also have different values so the challenge is to think about which way to go to collect the best score and then find your way there without getting lost!

Sporteering is available to download onto your smart phone and uses GPS to track your location and identify when you have reached each point –  making it easy to access and take part in.  With your scores uploaded to a handy leader board you can see your progress against other people who have taken part so  you can challenge yourself or your walking, running or cycling friends to improve their navigation, explore hidden gems in the countryside and cities and inspire you to get out and active.

Joining the Sporteering family couldn’t be easier – just download the app to get started.


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Events Courses

OutdoorCity - Polaris Grit & Steel Challenge 21/12/2017
Sheffield 24/01/2018
Braintree Winter Challenge 31/01/2018
Scarborough Sporteering Challenge 04/01/2018
Ecclesall Woods
Cambridge Science Park Wellbeing Challenge 08/01/2018
Offord D'Arcy Christmas Challenge 03/01/2018
Underbank, Sheffield Christmas Challenge 03/01/2018
Long Eaton New Year Challenge 01/12/2017
Ilkeston New Year Challenge 01/12/2017

Jeskyns Community Woodland
Jeskyns Community Woodland Challenge 04/01/2018
Cobham Woods (NT) 04/01/2018
Shorne Country Park Challenge 04/01/2018
Black Rocks & Cromford Moor 01/09/2017
Abbey Park 01/06/2017
Longshaw Family Course 04/01/2017
Ilam (nr Ashbourne) Permanent Orienteering Course 01/11/2016
Rother Valley Polaris Challenge 01/09/2016
Peak District 2016 01/05/2016
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Watch this space for an exciting announcement regarding our first #cycling #sporteering event coming soon

We are nearly over the 1000 App downloads! Maybe our #sporteering events with @SYOrienteers @theoutdoorcity @movemoresheff @GBRorienteering will take us to the magical number? Download the app on Apple: https://t.co/GHgSXM0wEa or Android: https://t.co/EuzsWEgrcY #activenavigation

Sporteering is the navigation app that sets you challenges. #Chingford has a map until the end of January. Download & start exploring & collecting points. Our lovely Pimp Hall Park & Nature Reserve is on the list of places to visit. https://t.co/9bkqJF2Ybg

#Sporteering is providing opportunities to get active in #Corby. Sporteering lets you explore towns & green spaces near you by challenging you to find and capture points marked on a map via GPS. Challenge is open up to 31 January @CorbyBC @sporteering https://t.co/hLaGUNFgpx

#HappyNewYear everyone! New year, new challenge... Here are the top 3 reasons to give #Sporteering a try in 2018 https://t.co/vSwXlw1scw

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The Sporteering app has been developed following 25 years of experience organising orienteering and self-supported navigation competitions and is based around the original Polaris Challenge Event format. The core objective of any event is to allow a competitor a set period of time to navigate their way around a series of controls and collect points as they reach each one. They need to finish within the prescribed time for the course and failure to do so means they lose points for every minute they are late, over 1 hour late and you lose all the days scores so planning your route is essential. To ensure all competitors have an equal amount of time to plan and compete the scores for each of the controls are not revealed until they scan the Start Control. The aim of the event is to score as many points as possible. Although fitness and speed will play a part, this can be over ruled by good planning. The event is not a test of speed but a test of skill to combine navigation, planning and timing. The APP is used by competitors and a web based portal is used by course organisers. The Organisers are able set their own courses anywhere in the world and set the time number of days. The APP is free to all, as is the planning portal to organisers
Sporteering3 weeks ago
#HappyNewYear everyone! New year, new challenge... Here are the top 3 reasons to give #Sporteering a try in 2018 http://ow.ly/u4Bb30hotHL
Sporteering4 weeks ago
Find out how to use your #Sporteering app with this handy video http://ow.ly/m0hA30houez remember our festive season series of #Sporteering challenges are open until the end of Jan so what are you waiting for, start bagging those points and get out #exploring
Sporteering4 weeks ago
The website is live now, read Natalie's top reasons for doing Sporteering in 2018; http://www.sporteering.com/2017/12/22/1342/
Sporteering1 month ago
We are getting set for our 2018 mission - to get everyone out and active and exploring our beautiful green spaces and towns by capturing points along the way!

It couldn't be easier to get started, simply check out this handy video on how to join the Sporteering family. See www.sporteering.com for more information.

Don't forget to look out for one of our new #Christmas Sporteering challenges as we launch our first series of events for you to take part in until the end of Jan.

So what are you waiting for, inspire your friends and family to get out exploring near you with a Sporteering challenge. *Can't find one near you? Get in touch and we will set one up for you!
Sporteering2 months ago
Exciting times as Sporteering challenges are being set up across the country & beyond for everyone to try over #christmas! Active travel, tourism, health walks/trails - just get in touch if interested in our new app navigation challenge for your community #getoutandactive #fun

Just download the Sporteeeing app for android/googleplay https://goo.gl/fHZqeu or iphone https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/polaris-challenge/id1226450328?mt=8 to have a go!
Sporteering is at Accelerate.3 months ago
Just down at #AccelerateUk in Sheffield getting some great advice on new trail shoes. New courses to to be set and the wet conditions of the last few weeks requires some better grip!