1. Go to the front screen of the this website
2. Scroll down to the 2 QR codes
3. Scan the appropriate one with a QR scanner from your phones APPs (Apple or Android)
3. Go to the Apple APP store (Itunes) or Android Google APP store (Play) and search for SPORTEERING
4. When you find it, click install
5. After installation, it should only take a couple of minutes, then open it and follow the logon instructions
1. Make sure your phone is fully charged
2. Turn-off any unnecessary APP's that may drain your battery while doing the event
3. If it's a long course, take a power pack (fully charged) and the appropriate charging lead
4. If it is a bike event consider fitting a dynamo hub
5. Make sure you have a waterproof case such as the Polaris Ventura case
Both Events & Courses are a series of control points with a Start and Finish, the aim is to navigate to get to as many controls as possible in a given time. The difference between the two is a Course is open all the time, an Event occurs on one day or may be open for a few days, but basically it has a closing date.
First of all download the APP to your Smartphone, create an account and login. Then from either website or from the APP got to the Contact us page, fill in your details and tell us the email address you are using for the APP (do not send your password) and we will convert your User account to an organiser. This will give you full access to the Planning Portal.